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Annual Conference

Amazing Classes

Select from a menu of fabulous classes taught by world renowned instructors. Teachers pay their own travel and lodge and only earn a small stipend to keep the registration costs minimal.

Archive Room

The extensive collection of historic specimens comes out of the salt mines and travels to be admired and studied. Do not pass up the opportunity to spend some hours browsing the documents, taking pictures for later study and discovering new treasures up close.

Evening Activities

Keynote speakers, Round Robin Demonstrations, Silent Auction, Member Show and Tell, Evening With the Masters... every evening after dinner, there is even more to do!

Study Room

One ballroom stays open all night long. Dubbed "IAMPETH After Dark," you'll find people sharing supplies, teaching each other new tidbits, eating late night pizza, and building friendships.

Mark your calendars!

75th Annual IAMPETH Conference

July 1-6, 2024
San Antonio, Texas

Logo designed by Erica McPhee

76th Annual IAMPETH Conference

July 7-12, 2025
Norfolk, Virginia

Attention, Registered Members!

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Welcoming Everyone!

Beginning Calligraphers

Yes, the IAMPETH Annual Conference is a great place for you! We are all bonded by our love for calligraphy, nibs, inks, papers, and all things handwriting! You will instantly feel like you have found your people. There are many classes and one-on-one help opportunities for those newer to this art.

Experienced Calligraphers

Yes, the IAMPETH Annual Conference is a great place for you too! Many members are professionals or seasoned hobbyists. Our members probably have a gazillion years of combined skill. No matter how advanced you are, there are learning opportunities for you in the classes, the Study Room in the Archive!